The Policies of the Fur Masters Grooming.

At Fur Masters Grooming we practice "Humanity before Vanity" for your pets safety and ours.

The safety, well being, and health of your pet is our # 1 priority.

*We never groom sick or injured pets without the written permission of your pets  veterinarian. We do not groom pets with skin infections or pets with contagious illnesses.

*While we will try working with any pet, if at any point we feel that they are either a danger to to the Groomer or to themselves, we will stop working on them and you will be called to come and pick them up.  Its always better to remain scruffy, then to get hurt, stress out or hurt a person. 

For the safety of all pets as well as owners, pets should be in a carrier or on a leash entering and exiting the building.

Fleas and Ticks: Please treat your pets before coming in to be groomed.  A minimum of $7.00 will apply if your pet needs to be treated with any flea products, and or tick removal.  We do not dip pets.  If you know your dog has ticks, remove them before coming to your appointment.  If you suspect your pet has fleas please speak to your vet about purchasing a Capstar* before you come to get your pet groomed.

Proof of current Rabies vaccination is required on all pets over 4 months of age. We will groom puppies less than 4 months of age provided they have had at least two rounds of their puppy shots. This is for your pets protection, the well being of the other pets being groomed, as well as the groomer.  Please bring your pets shot record when you come in so we can log your pets records.

We do not allow dogs to jump on/off tables, in and out of the bathtub.

We do not groom sedated pets. It is our feeling that sedated pets should be groomed under the supervision of a veterinarian, and therefore we recommend pets requiring sedation be done by a groomer at a vets office.
If your animal is timid or nervous by nature, you may want to get a light anxiety medication for your animal before grooming.  This of course is with the advise of your vet.  For our safety, please advise us if you have given your animal medication prior to us grooming your animal.

Overall Health Of Your Animal:
If your animal has any health issues you are aware of, please let us know so we are informed.  If at the time of your pets grooming we see any condition that needs attention we will inform you.
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