Our Groomer's are skilled in the use of clippers as well as scissor finishing. You can pay more, but you won't get better service or quality.

Affordable prices for dogs groomed on a regular basis will vary according to breed and size. We're just a phone call away for further information.

Grooming cost will depend on size, condition of coat and breed of dog.  Phone estimates are ONLY estimates.  We will firm up pricing when we see your pet and overall condition.

Cats: We do not groom cats.

Adopted Pet: $10.00 off your first full service groom.  Bring your SPCA / ASPCA adoption papers in and we will get your new family member spruced and ready to bring home.

Special Service / K9 Unit Dogs / Special Needs Dogs:

If your animal is a Special Service / K9 Unit / Special Needs Dog, we are happy to offer a $10.00 off discount any day of the week.  We realize the importance of getting your animal back into service, so please call ahead to arrange a appointment.  To qualify your pet must meet requirements below.  These discounts are not intended for family pets.

Working/Special Service Definitions below:

These are animals who perform actual duties to enable the completion of ones career activities and/or activities of daily living.

These include animals used by:

Armed Forces-Military ID Required

Police, Fire, Park, and Security Departments

Governmental Agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security, and TSA (airport)

Professional Search and Rescue Groups

Persons with Disabilities

Service Animal Section

Therapy Animals -These animals and their handlers have been trained to
perform tasks such as visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes, working with incarcerated individuals, assisting those in reading programs.

Service Animals in Training -These animals are in training to provide tasks for people with disabilities or ailments.

Service Animals -These animals are working to provide tasks for their handlers to allow the handlers to accomplish their activities of daily living, such as bathing,
shopping, walking, working, going to school.

Discounts can not be combined.
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